Start ups and late starts

If you checked out my personality section, you know by now that I'm someone who loves to mix it up sometimes and try different things. Over the course of my marketing career, I've attempted many times to start a business of my own. Below are a few of the ventures. Some are still flying active, while others never got off the ground. Check them out!


PictureSong Studios Circa 2003

I am currently driving my latest startup called
Bracketopia. It's a casual mobile gaming app and is available on iOS and Android devices. I'm enveloped in this app, as what we created can be best described as: a gamified market research platform. I feel it takes the best things I love to do and combines them into a potentially powerful packaged business. Obviously, it's not reached critical mass yet, so get the download and check it out.

OK. Don't laugh too hard... but this was before Apple conquered the world and put this idea to sleep for good. I tried to bring PictureSong to life in early 2003. In a nutshell, I created a production company that took peoples photo memories and synchronized them to the soundtrack of their choice. I guess there's some comfort knowing I conceived an idea that Apple thought was worth doing, well before Apple launched theirs to the world through iTunes.

Fun Stuff