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Medi-SIS Syringe Infusion Systems are designed to deliver intermittent infusions or IV push medications. The Medi-SIS systems utilize proven spring technology to provide infusion times ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Features & Benefits

Lower your infusion therapy costs, Medi-SIS is reusable for short-term delivery and is Medicare reimbursable.

Ideally suited for short-term IV antibiotic therapies or longer infusions.

Medi-SIS systems are flexible. Suited for use in the hospital or alternate site setting.

Product Literature

Directions for Use

Product codes:

REF Description Units/Case

M200000 Medi-SIS 20 Syringe Infuser 1
M200150 Medi-SIS 20 15 Minute Admin. Set 24
M200300 Medi-SIS 20 30 Minute Admin. Set 24
M200600 Medi-SIS 20 60 Minute Admin. Set 24
M200175 Medi-SIS 20 1.75ml/hr 1.2 micron Filter, Admin. Set 24
M600000 Medi-SIS 60 Syringe Infuser 1
M600300 Medi-SIS 60 30 Minute Admin. Set 24
M600600 Medi-SIS 60 60 Minute Admin. Set 24

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